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Right now, there is a plague we must stop in order to be able to grow as a whole. As of today, we see boy unable to express themselves and experience true Power everywhere. Being powerful isn’t about being physically stronger or more successful than someone else. In fact, this is all but power.

Boys need to have a certain rite of passage to be able to grow into the men we need.

They need to understand their feelings, not suppress them.
They need to feel, not to be cold.
They need to love, not to be hard.

This is how true Power is expressed.

We need to have more men, so there could be less broken women.

We need to stop seeing things as separate concepts and understanding that everything is a whole. Call it functional, call it holistic, we are all the same, and we are here for a common purpose we can not yet understand. This is why you must well understand what this guidance is all about;

  • You feel stuck in your life right now; Not sure about what you shall do or not
  • You feel like you don’t have a clear purpose; Not sure what your role and life is all about
  • You feel like you are not connected to your true self; Not sure if you really know who you are
  • You feel like something is holding you back; Not able to understand and express your emotions
  • You feel like your actions aren’t align with want you want; Not able to act as you truly want to
  • You feel like you can’t achieve anything you set your mind to; Not able to fix a goal and achieve it

If you found yourself in one of those statements, you might need some help along the way. Asking for help isn’t a weakness. It is a call to action. It’s a sense of awareness, of your inner-self wanting more out of life. Like any emotions, it’s a signal to take action. Something is telling you to change something, to move, to grow.

Be aware that you are about to get a reality check on many aspects of your life. From the ownership of your situations to the responsibility to change it.

Charles Lacasse
Charles Lacasse
I help boys grow into men. Finding purpose and unlocking their true potential through physical training, emotional coaching, mindfulness and breathing techniques.


Services offered for men and women in French and English

This is not the type of coaching you are used to. In fact, this is not coaching – It is guidance.
The difference? We can’t take you from point A to point B. There’s no destination or universal goal to achieve, they will all depend on you. We want to make your life better – to uncovered who you are. You might want to become more confident and efficient, and someone else might want to understand his or her emotions in order to have a better sense of control over their behaviors.
You must understand that results will depend upon your implication and devotion.

So what you will get;

  • A custom workout plan and dietary guide
  • Personalized book recommendations
  • Exercise to do depending on your goal
  • Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly video call

What you will need;

  • Being as open-minded as you can
  • Being ready to be heavily challenged
  • Being ready to take massive actions
  • Being available and accountable



Monthly Call

  • Monthly Video Call
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Custom Dietary Plan
  • Personalized Book Recommendations
  • Free Gift Every 3 Months

Bi-Monthly Call

  • Bi-Monthly Video Call
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Custom Dietary Plan
  • Personalized Book Recommendations
  • Free Gift Every 3 Months

Weekly Call

  • Weekly Video Call
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Custom Dietary Plan
  • Personalized Book Recommendations
  • Free Gift Every 3 Months

One Time Video Call

  • No time limit
  • Custom insights
  • Personalized Book Recommendations
  • Individualized exercices
  • Active listening

Charles offered me his hand and his time when I needed it the most. No judgment. Never. Only positivity and wisdom. Tips and things to work on to help me find my true self. I was able to take very hard decisions without regretting it. I am so grateful that life put him on my path and to have him as a friend.

Nathalie Godin

I had the chance to meet with him a few times. Every time, I was able to grow and open doors that I could never have thought possible. Whether it’s the many breakthroughs I had or simply taking away unreal mental barriers, he has always known how to turn struggles into strength through his understanding, authenticity, and energy. I almost gave up, but he never did it. A great human being, that became also a friend. He will bring out the best in each and every one of you, every time.

Mathieu Morissette

Meeting Charles was life-changing for me. He helped me get back in touch with my inner-self and take off the mask I have been wearing for the last 30 years to become a complete woman who has found peace, confidence and happiness. No matter what you are going through, he’ll walk with you one step at a time. I’m forever grateful.

Jody Poulin